The Leostream Platform Powered by TGX

Born out of the need to provide remote access to the graphics-intense AV and VR solutions developed by Mechdyne, TGX has evolved into a world class display protocol for connecting users to remote desktop workstations.

The Leostream Platform powered by Mechdyne TGX combines the security and access control of Leostream with the pixel-perfect graphics rendering of TGX, to form a unified solution that is ideal for remote power workers accessing high-end graphics software.

Mechdyne TGX

TGX’s ability to provide at-desk performance, even at 4K resolution, make it the ideal remote display protocol for even the most demanding users and workloads.  TGX delivers sharp, clear, smooth imagery and provides accurate color fidelity, giving users in all fields – from scientific to the entertainment and film industry – the confidence to make business-critical decisions.

When combined with Leostream, IT can provide a seamless end-user experience while enforcing MFA and implementing strict access control rules to ensure the security of applications and data. With remote access for TGX connections built into the Leostream Gateway and simplified collaboration using the Leostream Connection Broker’s feature for collaborative invitations, the combination of Leostream and Mechdyne is perfect for today’s power users.

Visit the Mechdyne Website to learn more about the features and performance available from the TGX protocol.


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