The Power of Connectivity with Leostream and AWS

Seamless interoperability with AWS Infrastructure

The Power of Connectivity with Leostream and AWS

Seamless interoperability with AWS Infrastructure

Are you ready to take your business to new heights?

Harness the full potential of cloud computing with the perfect synergy between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Leostream. Our partnership brings together the industry-leading cloud infrastructure of AWS and the robust desktop virtualization solutions of Leostream, providing you with an unparalleled platform for seamless and scalable IT operations.

Why Choose AWS?

Amazon Web Services is the world’s most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform, trusted by millions of businesses globally. With AWS, you gain access to a vast array of services and tools designed to optimize your IT infrastructure, enhance security, and accelerate innovation. So, whether you’re looking to migrate your workloads to the cloud, build scalable applications, or leverage cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and IoT, AWS has you covered.

Why Leostream?

Leostream is a pioneer in remote desktop access solutions. Our robust platform empowers organizations to centralize and manage their desktop infrastructure efficiently. With Leostream, you can deliver virtual desktops and applications to any device, anywhere, while maintaining granular control over user access and security policies. So, whether your workforce is remote, distributed, or in a traditional office setting, Leostream ensures a seamless and secure end-user experience.

Leostream & AWS EC2 for Media & Entertainment

Moving workloads to the cloud and away from the traditional model of on-premises data centers allows studios to be nimble—enabling the ability to deploy virtual workstations quickly and from anywhere.

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Leostream & WorkSpaces Core: The Easiest Enterprise Cloud Solution

Provides administrators with a single console to manage infrastructure and simplify end-user computing and a single platform to manage their VDI across all WorkSpaces Core regions globally.

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Out-of-the-Box Cloud HPC with Leostream & Nice DCV

Combine various components to offer remote end users intuitive and secure access to NICE DCV servers while streamlining IT management of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and emphasizing a security posture.

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Managed Remote Access for AWS and Physical Machines

If you’re not ready to fully transition to the cloud, you can begin using Leostream and AWS in a hybrid model that allows you to incorporate the physical machines of your preference.

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AWS Teams up with Leostream to offer Multi-Cloud Brokering via a Single Pane of Glass

Enjoy a purpose-built solution for advanced hybrid cloud environments—allowing flexibility for end-users to work from anywhere, connect with the tools they require, and collaborate with team members.

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Create Your Own AWS And Leostream Solution

AWS and Leostream are dedicated to addressing your unique challenges—kickstart your AWS journey by connecting with a Leostream AWS account representative today.

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The Benefits of AWS and Leostream:


Leverage AWS’s elastic infrastructure to scale your desktop virtualization environment up or down based on demand, ensuring you have the resources you need when you need them.


Leostream’s platform enables you to deliver virtual desktops and applications to a wide range of devices, including laptops, desktops, tablets, and thin clients, regardless of the operating system.


Leverage AWS’s robust security features, combined with Leostream’s advanced access control and policy management capabilities, to protect your sensitive data and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Simplified Management

Leostream’s centralized management console allows you to efficiently provision, monitor, and manage your virtual desktop infrastructure, reducing administrative overhead and complexity.

Cost Optimization

With AWS’s pay-as-you-go model and Leostream’s resource optimization features, you can achieve cost efficiencies by only paying for the resources you actually use, eliminating wasted resources and infrastructure.

Enhanced User Experience

Deliver a seamless and responsive user experience with Leostream’s adaptive display protocol and AWS’s global network infrastructure, ensuring low latency and high performance, even for remote users.

Deliver 100 Virtual Desktops with AWS in Minutes!

Leostream makes it easy and fast to deploy virtual desktops on your terms. In this demo, we look at an AWS deployment and see how Leostream lets you discover if VDI is right for you without investing in any infrastructure.

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