Ensuring Security and Performance in Mission-Critical Environments

About This Webinar:

This 45-minute webinar explored why Leostream’s proven Remote Desktop Access Platform has become the de facto solution in these environments. Through an in-depth demonstration, we will show how users can access robust virtual desktops with complex security, performance, and support needs, supporting remote Windows and Linux desktops from a user-friendly interface, and demonstrate smart-card integration.

Attendees learned how to:

  • Integrate with Active Directory for authentication and authorization purposes.
  • Establish a flexible policy framework to determine resource access and display protocols based on user attributes.
  • Implement granular control over resource assignments that enables administrators to easily manage user access, even as new users join the organization.
  • Embrace specific display protocols vital in remote and virtual environments, ensuring at-their-desk performance for mission-critical applications.

Discover how Leostream enables government, defense, and public agencies to maintain vital services, protect sensitive information, and transition to modern remote and hybrid workspaces.

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