Multifactor Authentication with Leostream

Security starts with authentication, and in the world of remote access, multifactor authentication is the key to ensuring only authorized users have access to your hosted desktop environment. 

But, don’t reinvent how you authenticate users.  Instead, use your standard corporate MFA providers, including PingID, Duo, Okta, or any other Identity Provider (IdP) that supports SAML or the RADIUS protocol.

Limit the exposure of users’ passwords by leveraging the Leostream support for SAML and making your MFA provider be the gatekeeper to your Leostream environment.  Leostream knows only as much about your users as returned by your SAML IdP. 

Need Active Directory authentication? Add a second factor by leveraging Leostream’s native support for Duo, or by integrating with any IdP that supports the RADIUS protocol.

Using PCoIP Zero clients? If yes, you can authenticate users  with their CAC PIV cards.

With Leostream, you control who logs in, and from where. Leostream Locations allow you to turn on and off MFA requirements based on where the user logs in from.  No matter if your users are on-premises, working from home, or on the job site, Leostream’s array of supported authentication methods secures access to your environment.

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