To prevent and troubleshoot various desktop assignment issues, it helps to understand how rogue user assignment and management works.

If your users sometimes connect to their desktops directly, rather than through a Leostream client (which includes the Leostream Web client and Leostream Connect, but also PCoIP zero clients, or any thin client that communicates with Leostream), you probably know that you can apply power control and release plans to those users through Leostream.

If you’ve already enabled those controls and you’re running into issues, our feature that allows you to map a user’s desktop login ID to their Connection Broker ID might help. For anyone just getting started with rogue user management, we’ve also created a basic guide to understanding and correctly configuring related features in the Broker.

In one of our next installments, we’ll delve into troubleshooting desktop assignment release issues and how they relate to rogue users.