When a user logs in to their remote desktop operating system with one username, and then uses a different username to access the Connection Broker, you may notice some unwanted snags, like desktop assignments not being released. What’s going on there – and how do we resolve it?


By default, Leostream ignores Agent notifications for any user IDs that don’t match the username that logged into the Connection Broker – even if the notifications relate to the same physical user.

For example, I could log into my Broker with username aberlel, but log into my desktop with username laura_aberle. The Broker assigns the desktop to aberlel, but the Agent sends notifications for this mysterious laura_aberle character. Problems arise when the Agent sends a notification that laura_aberle logged out, but the Broker doesn’t realize that laura_aberle and aberlel are one and the same, and doesn’t correctly execute power control and release plans.

How to resolve these cases of mistaken identity?

In Connection Broker 8.2.33 and later, you have the option to map the user’s other ID to their Connection Broker login ID, using Pools.

To turn on this option:

  1. Navigate to > Users > Pools in the Broker. Select Create Pool or click the Edit link beside the Pool who wish to update.
  2. In the Pool Definition section, select the checkbox next to Associate all user notifications with assigned user.
  3. Click Save.

With this feature enabled, the Broker recognizes all notifications from the Leostream Agent as actions taken by the currently assigned user. Now, when the Broker assigns the desktop to aberlel, it also assumes laura_aberle is the same physical user, and will execute power control and release plans accordingly.