Leostream supports RDP, PCoIP and all of the protocols listed below including multiple protocols in a single environment.

  • Microsoft RDP – Default option for connecting task workers to Windows
  • HP ZCentral Remote Boost – License included with HP ZCentral workstations; good performance and collaboration support; Tunable
  • Mechdyne TGX – Good for graphic-intense workloads; supports collaboration
  • NICE DCV – Good for graphic-intense workloads; supports collaboration; built-in HTML5 viewer; free for use on AWS
  • ͏NoMachine – Connects to Windows, Linux, and macOS; supports collaboration
  • ͏Scyld Cloud Workstation – Good performance; supports collaboration, built-in HTML5 viewer; supports Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • Teradici PCoIP – High performance; leverage zero-clients for additional security