Portugal Telecom

About the Case Study

Revolutionizing Desktop Management at Portugal Telecom with Leostream Connection Broker for Call Center Efficiency

Portugal Telecom (PT), Portugal’s leading telecommunications provider, confronted the challenges of managing a bustling call center workforce and swift desktop deployments for telemarketing campaigns. With an impressive clientele spanning 13 countries, the pressure to optimize and streamline was immense.

This case study explores PT’s journey, in partnership with Leostream, to revolutionize desktop management across multiple call centers, significantly cutting down the time taken for new desktop deployments tailored for marketing endeavors.

Key Highlights:

  • PT’s unique challenges with a fluctuating workforce and the necessity for rapid desktop and user account setups.
  • PT’s objective to bring in an efficient solution that not only simplified but also accelerated desktop provisioning and management.
  • The collaboration with V2S and Compta led to adopting a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) approach.
  • The selection of core components, including Leostream, VMware, and Wyse, to address PT’s specific requirements.
  • An insight into how Leostream Connection Broker seamlessly integrated with existing systems and ensured adaptability for future expansion.
  • An evaluation of how the new VDI implementation impacted PT’s operations, from operational efficiency to cost savings.
  • The role of the Leostream Connection Broker in centralized management and scalability to accommodate global enterprise demands.