Monash University

About the Case Study

Monash University Transforms Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with Leostream and OpenStack

In today’s fast-paced educational environment, staying updated with technology and ensuring a seamless experience for students and faculty is critical. Monash University identified the need to advance education and redefine standards in virtual desktop infrastructures.

This case study explores how Monash University, in collaboration with Leostream, reimagined its approach to virtual desktops, meeting modern educational needs and elevating the experience for its academic community.

Key Highlights:

  • Monash University’s  Commitment to Open-Source and OpenStack
  • Understanding the diverse issues faced during the transition to a new VDI solution.
  • The university’s pursuit of an effective OpenStack VDI solution and its subsequent partnership with Leostream.
  • How Leostream’s pooling and policies tailored experiences for different users, ensuring resources were matched to needs.
  • Addressing device compatibility issues and ensuring uninterrupted access for all.
  • A look into the tangible improvements following the Leostream integration.