Harlingen WaterWorks System Case Study

About the Case Study

Harlingen WaterWorks System Enhances VDI Performance and Reliability With Scale Computing, Leostream, and Liquidware

In today’s ever-evolving technology landscape, organizations must constantly strive to improve the performance, reliability, and efficiency of their IT infrastructure. Harlingen WaterWorks System (HWWS) faced these challenges head-on and found a solution that transformed their virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with remarkable results.

This case study delves into HWWS’s journey to enhance its VDI performance and reliability by partnering with Scale Computing, Leostream, and Liquidware. Discover how this collaboration helped HWWS overcome the limitations of their previous VDI supplier and achieve impressive outcomes.

This case study explores the following key areas:

  • Challenges Faced by HWWS with their Incumbent VDI Supplier
  • The Quest for a Reliable IT Infrastructure
  • Business Benefits Unveiled Through the Transformation
  • Addressing IT Challenges with Service and Support
  • Why HWWS Chose Scale Computing HC3
  • Efficiency Gains and Streamlined VDI
  • The Impact on HWWS’s Technology Infrastructure