Future Proof Your Remote Desktop Solutions

About This Webinar:

In the fast-changing realm of end-user computing technologies, IT sometimes feels like decisions affecting their end users and organization are out of their control. What if IT is forced to move to a new hosting platform or adopt a new display protocol? How does IT future-proof its end-user computing environment to minimize the impact of technology changes on the end-user experience while enhancing IT’s ability to adapt to future changes?

Fortunately, Leostream offers the ideal solution. We invite you to join our upcoming webinar, where we will delve into the exceptional features that make the Leostream Remote Desktop Access Platform ideal for managing HP Anyware, HP ZCentral Remote Boost, and beyond. Our platform delivers unparalleled future-proof capabilities, flexibility, scalability, advanced security features, and centralized management.

Discover how Leostream can meet your needs and propel your remote display experience forward.

Key topics  covered: 

  • How Enterprise customers manage power control, provisioning, contextual access control, and session management
  • Flexibility in assigning machines to users
  • SSO from Browser or Leostream Connect
  • Collaboration
  • Simplified architecture

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