Freescale Semiconductor

About the Case Study

Freescale Semiconductor’s Global Engineering Transformation Powered by Dell VDI and Leostream

Freescale Semiconductor, a global leader in embedded processing solutions, faced the challenge of providing secure, high-performance access to engineering teams across 18 dispersed facilities worldwide. Their goal was to ensure seamless application performance for geographically scattered teams while consolidating their IT infrastructure.

They partnered with Dell to implement a Linux-based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) powered by Leostream Connection Broker. This transformation led to secure, high-performance access for engineers worldwide, streamlined design processes, cost savings, and improved work-life balance.

Key Highlights:

  • How Freescale Semiconductor addressed the challenge of providing secure, high-performance access to geographically dispersed engineering teams.
  • The key role played by Dell in implementing a Linux-based VDI solution.
  • The benefits achieved, including streamlined design processes and cost savings.
  • How this transformation improved work-life balance for engineers.
  • The impact of collaboration with Dell and Leostream on efficiency and innovation for geographically dispersed teams.