About the Case Study

Framestore’s Creative Revolution:
Enabling 2,500+ Artists with Leostream

animation and visual effects across diverse platforms. Established in 1986, Framestore has continually set new standards in film, advertising, TV, and immersive experiences—earning widespread recognition for its outstanding contributions. This innovative studio transforms remarkable concepts into reality, melding artistry, vision, and technology.

This case study delves into the collaborative efforts between Framestore and Leostream, focusing on supporting a vast, globally dispersed team of over 2,500 artists. It further sheds light on how Framestore leverages the Leostream™ Platform’s prowess to manage this widespread talent pool effectively.

Key Highlights:

  • Partnership Evolution: Framestore expanded its relationship with Leostream, centralizing deployment for 2,500+ global artists.
  • Unified Operations: Led by Meslin and Bonomelli, Framestore adopted Leostream for resource consolidation and standardized experiences.
  • Remote Work Efficiency: With Leostream and Teradici PCoIP, Framestore enables high-performance, VPN-free remote work.
  • Security & Optimization: Framestore prioritizes content security with multi-factor authentication and boosts productivity using Leostream’s desktop pooling.
  • Future Cloud Integration: Framestore eyes cloud-hosted workstations, leveraging Leostream’s adaptability with major cloud platforms.