About the Case Study

Unlocking Creativity Beyond the Office:
ENVY’s Hybrid Transformation with Leostream

Imagine a workspace where professionals stroll into town, savor a cup of coffee, engage in relaxed conversations, sink into comfy sofas, and collaboratively brainstorm upcoming projects. Such luxuries define the studio suites at ENVY, the United Kingdom’s premier post-production house for broadcast and advertising, boasting a presence across six locations in London.

Traditionally, ENVY was an in-office business where creative minds converged within their physical premises. However, with the ever-advancing world of technology, we are in a new era of flexibility. This shift has allowed ENVY’s clientele to access over 200 physical workstations remotely, reflecting their adaptability and commitment to meeting evolving work preferences.

This case study explores how:

  • ENVY’s “Remote” platform supports hybrid work with tools for collaboration and task management.
  • Leostream provides secure, seamless access to editing workstations, eliminating VPN needs.
  • Using Leostream’s API, ENVY automates task provisioning for quick project start-ups.
  • ENVY’s solution broadens hiring reach, focusing on talent over geography.
  • Screen-sharing with Leostream enhances real-time reviews, while comprehensive reporting aids IT management.