Elevating Security with Zero Trust

About This Webinar:

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations face an unprecedented array of security challenges. The traditional perimeter-based security model has proven inadequate to defend against the growing sophistication of cyber threats. As a result, the adoption of Zero Trust has emerged as an imperative strategy to safeguard critical assets and data.

At the forefront of this security evolution stands Remote Desktop Access Platforms. These platforms serve as the crucial gateways enabling secure and efficient remote work environments, bridging geographical gaps while adhering to the principles of Zero Trust.

In this highly-informative webinar will shed light on the pivotal role of Remote Desktop Access Platforms in the context of Zero Trust, providing expert insights from Leostream. Join us to learn how to fortify your organization’s security posture and facilitate remote work effectively in today’s ever-changing digital landscape.

Watch this insightful event, where experts from Leostream will share their in-depth knowledge and experience in implementing Zero Trust principles within remote desktop access environments. We delve into the pressing security challenges faced by businesses today and explore why Zero Trust has become an absolute requirement for protecting your organization.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Enhancing Security Controls: How Leostream’s policy and role-based access controls play a crucial role in strengthening the security of your VDI or Remote Access Environment.
  • Integration with MFA Solutions: How Leostream seamlessly integrates with your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Solutions to ensure the appropriate access to corporate resources.
  • Enhancing User Access Monitoring and Management: How Leostream’s effective monitoring and management of user access to critical resources significantly improves your overall cybersecurity posture.

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