ENVY utilizes Leostream to connect video editors and producers to 200+ physical workstations remotely and adapts a completely flexible working environment

WALTHAM, MA – May 19, 2022 – Today, Leostream, provider of enterprise-grade remote access solutions, announced that ENVY Post Production has included Leostream™ into its ENVY Remote platform for enabling hybrid work. Influenced by the modern demand for flexible work options, ENVY designed a platform that gives clients and creatives the ability to log into high-powered editing stations from anywhere while also offering an entire suite of production and communication tools to assist in the creative process.

“It’s been rewarding to see this deployment come to life at ENVY and to be paving the way for flexible work models across the media and entertainment industry,” commented Karen Gondoly, CEO of Leostream.  “When it comes to designing a hybrid workplace there is no one-size-fits-all answer. This is why Leostream is dedicated to bringing a refreshingly customizable platform to its customers — complete with an API and established integrations with top innovators in the remote desktop space.”

As a leading post production house for broadcast and advertising in the UK, having the structure in place for clients to work from anywhere creates enormous opportunity for the company and the media and entertainment industry at large.

By pivoting to a hybrid model, the company is not only enhancing operational efficiency, but is also allowing its clients to attract the best talent. Through Leostream, which is built into the ENVY Remote platform, users are connecting to workstations across all corners of the UK and the world.  Jai Cave, Technical Operations Director of ENVY, who has been spearheading the initiative said, “One of the unique benefits of rolling out such a powerful solution is the hiring reach that it offers our clients. Projects are sourcing talent like never before and hiring based on capability — clients are no longer limited to where people live.”

With over 70% of ENVY’s clients expressing interest in hybrid options, the company began building a robust platform to align the demand for flexibility and creative workflows during the pandemic. A key component has been creating a consistent experience for users accessing the fully equipped editing suites — regardless of location.

“Ease of use is really important as we have people logging in from all over — both in the office and from home,” reported Cave. “Once authenticated and connected with Leostream, users have access to exactly the same machine that they were using in-house or a dedicated remote machine if they don’t need a hybrid option.”

The Leostream Gateway delivers remote access to users outside of the corporate network, allowing ENVY to isolate workstations from the public internet. The gateway is designed to funnel logins through a secure environment to be authenticated without the use of virtual private networks (VPNs).

Supporting hybrid workers at a post-production house requires tight management and specialized technology to deliver the level of quality needed to run 3D graphics and editing software remotely. ENVY taps into robust reporting features provided by Leostream to monitor user activity and to optimize the desktop environment. In addition, by capitalizing on integration capabilities between Leostream and high-performance remote display protocols, ENVY is able to achieve a top-notch experience for creatives inclusive of collaboration and screen-sharing functionality.

About Leostream
Leostream provides the critical remote desktop connection management technology required for organizations to build successful large-scale remote access solutions. The Leostream Platform embodies two decades of research and development in supporting customers with hosted desktop environments, including VDI, hybrid cloud, and high-performance display protocols. The Leostream Platform has proven to be one of the world’s most robust desktop connection management platforms with a remote access feature that allows today’s enterprises to choose the best-of-breed components to satisfy their complex security, cost, and flexibility needs.