By centralizing existing trader workstations, solution enables a return to the trading floor with appropriate social distancing

WALTHAM, MA–In some of the largest cities, traders are returning to the trading floor out of necessity. But social distancing is a challenge, as is alternating which traders are on the floor on different days to maximize productivity. Leostream, a leading provider of secure high performance remote access, is pleased to partner with Amulet Hotkey to provide a solution for traders that enables secure, remote access while also optimizing the trading system for high performance.

“We have long said that our core value is providing remote access to anything you want to host in your data center or cloud, and that has never proven more true than during this pandemic,” said Leostream CEO Karen Gondoly. “We are pleased to be part of the solution that is allowing traders to continue their important work in our financial markets globally through our partnership with Amulet Hotkey. Leostream is again providing a seamless way for people to connect to the mission- and business-critical applications from anywhere.”

Amulet Hotkey’s CoreStation solutions help speed the design, visualization and simulation of financial trading models, allowing valuable IP to be moved into the data center to boost productivity, security and availability.

Typically, 25% of traders can safely work on the floor socially distanced, so there is a need to collaborate with others while maintaining safety. When traders sit in their fixed seats, they are  not optimally positioned for business lines to collaborate effectively. And so, the challenge became how to facilitate secure, remote access to a trading system that is optimized for high performance.

With Amulet Hotkey’s solution for free seating and remote access on the trading floors, existing trader workstations are centralized using the Teradici hardware-accelerated PCoIP desktop extension protocols, with the Leostream Platform’s Connection Broker deployed to enable secure remote access. Solutions are optimized for mission- and business-critical applications to deliver reliable, secure and uncompromised performance.

The Leostream Connection Broker allows traders to seamlessly connect to their dedicated workstation from any Zero Client on the corporate network or in their home for optimal flexibility and remote access performance. The Leostream Gateway eliminates the need for hardware VPN in remote locations. Leostream works seamlessly with Teradici PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards, providing high-quality graphics for applications running in the data center or cloud. The Leostream Connection Broker allows IT to pool, assign and manage all PCoIP devices in their organization from a single interface.

The Leostream Platform provides enhanced security for traders, allowing the authentication of users against one or more authentication servers, ensuring two-factor authentication and supporting one-time passcodes and push notifications. Leostream provides audit-level tracking of machine usage and gives administrators control over how long a user retains ownership of a machine, while also allowing them to maximize utilization by sharing resources among users.

For more information, view the Amulet Hotkey Solution Brief for Free Seating and Remote Trading.