Remote Connection Solution is Part of a $2M Technology Upgrade at the School

WALTHAM, March 18, 2021 — Leostream, a leading provider of secure high performance remote access, announced today that Belmont University’s Mike Curb College of Entertainment & Music Business has implemented the Leostream Gateway and Leostream Connection Broker to facilitate students connecting to edit film and audio projects remotely. The implementation was part of a $2 million project that the university undertook to help students continue their studies whether on campus, remote or hybrid.

Belmont University installed 87 computers purpose-built for high-end video and audio remote editing with Avid Media Composer ®, Pro Tools ® and Belmont’s Avid NEXIS Server. The Leostream Platform allows students to access these systems and software on their own computers, simply through an internet connection.

“When we began this project, the vendor had proposed a fantastic installation – but it would have required students to connect via VPN,” said Ron Romano, Technology Specialist for the Belmont University Curb College of Entertainment & Music Business. “A VPN connection just was not an option for our IT department.”

After some research, the IT department came across Leostream – a particularly appealing solution because they were planning to use HP ZCentral, which is seamlessly compatible with Leostream. Leostream provides a connection via a web browser, which makes it much simpler for students as compared to a VPN. Leostream also provides more complete security for the university, with the port randomizing a unique connection every time a student connects.

“Leostream’s solution has been simple to administer from an IT perspective,” continued Romano. “Students were quickly able to get into the remote system through Leostream to work in their projects remotely, allowing us to keep film and audio projects moving in the timely manner a semester demands, while focusing on delivering top-notch education and access to professional tools.”

In the challenging year since COVID, Leostream has helped hundreds of customers pivot their business models to remote, whether their workforce has needed to suddenly work from home or students have needed to log into software and equipment from a remote location. 

“We’re thrilled to help the students at Belmont University get back to their projects and the important business of learning by making it easier to access the tools that they need,” said Leostream CEO Karen Gondoly. “Over the past year, our customer-focused approach and ability to provide a vendor-neutral solution that enables people to connect remotely, quickly and easily has allowed us to remain the hero for many IT departments. We are happy to add Belmont University to their ranks.”