WALTHAM, Mass. – November 8, 2022 – Leostream™, the leading provider of enterprise-grade remote access solutions, and Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, today announced a partnership to offer Leostream’s remote access and desktop connection management software to public-sector customers.

Carahsoft’s technology and reseller partners offer a range of solutions to allow federal, state, and local government agencies as well as education and healthcare organizations to support remote workers. Carahsoft’s COVID-19 response solutions includes important technologies to maintain vital services and protect information, such as telework, collaboration, distance learning, and business continuity. Leostream is used in these environments for robust hosted/virtual desktops that can access files and applications, while meeting the complex security, cost and flexibility needs of government and public agencies.

“Leostream is an ideal addition to our portfolio of technologies to enhance public-sector users’ ability to maintain productivity in a modern, hybrid workplace,” (person at Carahsoft). “We want government, university, and hospital customers to embrace the future, and we are pleased to be able to offer a platform that enables them to give employees reliable remote access to organizational resources, applications, and data, from anywhere, any time.”

“Carahsoft and its network of partners are in the best possible position to communicate the value and flexibility that the Leostream platform can deliver in government, education, and healthcare settings,” said Randy Foster, Leostream VP of sales and marketing. “Improved security and control, particularly around compliance and data protection, is a fundamental feature of Leostream, and it can be accomplished without sacrificing efficiency and performance.”

“The Leostream platform is soon to be available through a number of Carahsoft’s contracts, including SEWP V, ITES-SW-2, NCPA, NASPO, OMNIA, and GSA. For more information and details, please contact the Carahsoft-Leostream Team via [email protected].”

Leostream is the connection management platform of choice for major enterprises and institutions because of its ability to mix and manage on-premises and cloud-based hosting platforms. Leostream’s remote access and desktop connection management software enables organizations to create security-conscious remote desktop environments that are sustainable, performant, and cost-effective. The ability to orchestrate disparate technologies from a single management and access platform is a uniquely Leostream construct that enables organizations to advance the state of the art of their entire hosted desktop environment with an eye on integrating new technologies as they come to market.

About Leostream

The Leostream Platform embodies over 20 years of Leostream research and development in supporting customers with hosted desktop environments including VDI, hybrid cloud, and high-performance display protocols. The Engineering, Science & Technology Emmy®-winning Leostream Platform provides the world’s most robust desktop connection management and remote access feature set, allowing today’s enterprises to choose the best-of-breed components to satisfy their complex security, cost, and flexibility needs, while working with them as they evolve into tomorrow.


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