BOSTON, April 13, 2023—Leostream, the world’s leading Remote Desktop Access Platform provider, announced its new brand identity today, reflecting its continued growth and expansion into cloud computing.

The organization has established a strong market position as the premier provider of Remote Desktop Access, empowering IT professionals to connect their workforce seamlessly, irrespective of the organization’s size, industry, or location—thereby modernizing work environments and allowing for a hassle-free work-from-anywhere experience.

The platform’s noted flexibility results in enhanced workforce efficiency, constant visibility into user access, additional security, lower costs, and automated provisioning through a single-pane-of-glass.

Leostream’s new brand—a reflection of its success—features a modern, streamlined logo and refreshed color palette representing the company’s commitment to innovation and technology. In addition, the new website is designed to enhance the user experience and provide easy access to Leostream’s remote access solutions and cloud computing services.

“Leostream has always been at the forefront of remote access technology, and our new brand reflects our commitment to continue innovating and expanding into the cloud computing space,” said Karen Gondoly, CEO of Leostream. “Our new website and brand identity provide a fresh, modern look and feel that reflects our leadership in the industry.”

The company’s Remote Desktop Access Platform allows end-users to work from anywhere, connect with the required tools, and connect with team members. The result is no longer being tied to the physical office while maintaining a seamless work-life balance. More so, the platform allows employers to hire talent from anywhere, free from the antiquated confines of geographical location.