WALTHAM, MALeostream, a global leader in secure, hybrid remote access solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Academia Technology Group to deliver remote access solutions for higher education and universities across Europe. This partnership enables the two companies, who have been instrumental in facilitating remote access for universities in the UK, to continue to provide remote access solutions as institutions adapt to changing student demands and hybrid learning models.

Many organizations turned to Academia Technology Group, a supplier of IT products and solutions to over 10,000 schools and over 300 colleges and universities, to assist with remote access solutions when pandemic-driven lockdowns began. In search of a remote access solution to provide students with a premium user experience when accessing onsite Mac, Windows and Linux devices, that could connect client end-point computers in an efficient manner and be implemented and supported efficiently, Academia recommended the Leostream Platform.

“Leostream has been instrumental in helping our students take advantage of MMU’s resources by remotely accessing our onsite resources during the pandemic,” said Shane Coppock, Project Lead at Manchester Metropolitan University, one of the universities to benefit from a partnership between Leostream and Academia. “The implementation worked so well that we may continue to use it even when students come back to campus.”

Aside from MMU, the companies have worked to provide hybrid and remote access solutions to universities such as Bournemouth University, University of South Wales, University of Derby, University of Dundee and others.

“We are pleased to align with Academia’s large network of clients to continue to serve European schools and universities,” said Leostream CEO Karen Gondoly. “As we move from crisis mode, universities are increasingly seeing the benefit of secure remote access and are making it part of their permanent infrastructure. This strategic partnership provides university IT departments throughout Europe with an integrated solution to a hybrid or remote environment.”

Leostream delivered many other benefits as well, including: simple configuration, the ability to manage user connections, an HTML5-based viewer for access via mobile devices, multi-factor authentication, and private network access through an advanced security gateway. Leostream allows universities to pool desktops and pull them dynamically without requiring a one-to-one assignment.

“As we searched for the best option to serve our university clients as they went remote last year, Leostream quickly rose above as the most comprehensive, flexible and easy to implement remote access solution,” said Matt Ainsworth, Creative Industries Specialist at Academia. “We are thrilled to continue our partnership with them and to provide our clients with the best IT products and solutions to suit their needs.”