connection broker in vdi.jpgIn building out a virtual or hosted desktop environment a key part of the equation is how you’re going to pull everything together. Many vendors offer a connection broker as part of a larger VDI management solution. In this scenario, the question becomes why would you ever look elsewhere?

If your environment is complex, meaning you’re mixing and matching a variety of virtualization platforms, protocols, and hypervisors you may need functionality beyond what’s included in your VDI management solution.

When deployments get complicated an independent connection broker can be used to create a heterogeneous hosted environment and bring everything together under one roof.  

There are several scenarios where it makes sense to use a “vendor neutral” broker in order to give administrators centralized tools to access, monitor and configure user connections across a variety of different solutions. Watch this clip from last week’s webinar to learn about four reasons to use an independent connection broker.


Download the complete webinar recording for more information about using an independent connection broker to deploy large-scale HDI and VDI.