We are pleased to announce that, as of this week, the Leostream 9 platform is generally available! The Leostream 9 platform is a complete VDI or hosted resource management solution for on-prem, public cloud, and hybrid cloud environments.

With a modernized user interface, new packaging and installation, updated licensing, and enhanced hybrid and multi-cloud management, Leostream 9 is our biggest overhaul yet. Much more than a connection broker, the Leostream 9 platform supports provisioning and capacity management of desktop and application resources across on-prem and cloud environments – all from a single-pane-of-glass interface.

“The Leostream Connection Broker began supporting hybrid cloud environments in 2012,” remarked Leostream CEO Karen Gondoly. “Since then, we’ve continued to expand our hybrid cloud support for enterprise environments. We firmly believe a hybrid cloud strategy is the key to a successful transition to the cloud.”

“We have a deep understanding of enterprise customers in this space, working closely with them for over 15 years,” continued Gondoly. “We understand the critical competitive advantage a cloud environment provides, as well as the challenges associated with a cloud transition. With support for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, our customers are free to choose the public cloud that best suits their needs and to manage their public cloud resources directly alongside their in-house resources. Additionally, The Leostream Connection Broker provides the advanced connection management tools required to support complex enterprise environments. Customers often come to us when they’ve been told ‘We can’t do that.’ by other providers. At Leostream, our answer is almost always, ‘Yes! We can do that, too!’ “

Leostream 9 is available now and inquiries may be directed to [email protected].