Maximize campus resources and provide 24/7 access to computer lab workstations remotely.

Computer labs/libraries tend to be one of the larger investments made by schools.  Colleges and universities across the country have spent decades centralizing IT resources on campus to create a hands-on learning experience. Most have made continuous investments in learning labs, equipping workstations with the latest software and hardware. Not only are the technical resources within these labs expensive, but so is the real estate and the personnel to staff them. Despite the high price tag, most campus leaders will tell you that these labs are worth every penny as they are often a hub for students and a place for them to gain practical experience within their majors.

Before the pandemic, a common model at colleges and universities was to standardize assets on campus. Through the availability of labs and libraries, students were guaranteed to have the applications and resources necessary to complete coursework. This model was turned on its head when distance and hybrid learning minimized time where students could physically attend labs.

One of the best ways for schools to continue to maximize on-site technology invested into labs is to facilitate remote access.

Leostream provides a comprehensive platform for colleges and universities to seamlessly integrate the physical hardware and hosting platforms already available on campus to enable students and faculty to access labs remotely.

Remote Access to Computer Labs and Classrooms with Leostream

Higher education institutions around the world depend on the crucial functionality available through Leostream for managing student and faculty connections to remote desktops. Leostream is known for its granular backend control and settings where IT administrators can build pools, plans and policies to define which users receive access to hosted resources and when.

The Leostream™ Platform solves all of the complex problems associated with how students connect to remote desktops and how IT manages desktop connections. Leostream makes it simple to authorize students to a classroom or lab, assign machines based on curriculum requirements, connect remote students from any location, and monitor and track usage.

Providing 24/7 Remote Computer Lab Access to Students and Teachers

Even with the return to on-campus, students and faculty still expect remote access solutions that can boost productivity and supplement coursework. In addition to offering in-person learning, accommodations are also being made for those who are not on campus with the goal of delivering a comparable academic experience regardless of location.

To retain students and compete with the growing availability of alternate online programs, universities are tasked with delivering face-to-face learning and remote options. One of the biggest challenges is balancing these needs by allocating on-site resources appropriately. This balance can be met using the features within Leostream, which allows institutions to develop customized workflows that ensure desktops are available to authorized users when needed.

By creating pools of desktops, workstations and expensive applications can be shared amongst students and faculty. Plus, with support for a variety of high-performance protocols, Leostream can even be used to give students at-desk performance when connecting to graphics-intensive software required for classes like engineering, design, media, etc.

Students can be in the classroom, at the dorms, or located off campus, and always have consistent 24/7 access to coursework. They can launch a workstation from any location, and from their device of choice!

Customer Success Stories: Higher Education Remote Access with Leostream

With over a decade of experience assisting institutions in higher education, Leostream delivers the underlying technology to support a wide range of use cases for VDI, hosted desktops, remote access, etc.  To learn more about how campuses are handling remote access to labs and studios, please download the case studies below. If your school would like to learn more about our services, please contact us to discuss your use case.

Leostream Enables Remote Lab and Computer Access for Students and Professors at Belmont University

Belmont University, a Nashville-based liberal arts school, is committed to providing its students with innovative resources. To enable 24/7 remote access connections to its media and entertainment learning labs, the University turned to Leostream. The Leostream platform streamlines administrative functions through a centralized dashboard while offering an intuitive login for students to launch high power workstations.

Academy of Art University Centralizes Remote Access Connections to Learning Labs with the Leostream Connection Broker 

With over 56% of students enrolled online, the Academy of Art University has been on the forefront of remote learning.  To centralize remote access connections to its campus lab environments, the Academy began utilizing the Leostream Platform. Leostream has been instrumental in recreating the entire on-site experience with each remote lab station while ensuring large on-site technology investments are fully utilized.