I can’t believe we are just one week away from the event we’ve been looking forward to all year – SUSECON 2019 in America’s Music City, Nashville, Tennessee! Not only is it a perfect setting for a week away in April, but we are thrilled to be meeting with industry leaders to discuss one of our favorite topics – open source technology.


At Leostream, open source technology has always been near and dear to our hearts. Like our customers, we are proud tech nerds.  For that reason, our connection broker simply would not have been complete without support for Linux VDI. In fact, in the early days at Leostream, we won some of our first accounts because of a mutual affection for Linux.


Back then, you could not support Linux virtual machines with the legacy VDI vendors like VMware and Citrix. So, when organizations needed to deploy Linux to support their devs, sysadmins, and other Linux loyalists – they turned to Leostream. Today, even though the legacy vendors jumped on the Linux VDI bandwagon, many of those organizations remain loyal to Leostream as an early adopter of Linux VDI solutions.


In more recent history, we were the first virtual machine management vendor to start talking about OpenStack VDI. When OpenStack hit the scene, we knew this was the hosting platform we had been waiting for. We had been shouting from the rooftops for years that the expensive licensing costs of the legacy VDI stack were what was holding back wide-spread VDI adoption, particularly in the SMB, education, and non-profit sector.


As an open source platform, free from the hefty licensing fees, OpenStack gives you the flexibility and capabilities to turn your data center into a cloud, optimizing consumption of compute resources and providing on-demand access to desktops. That is, if you have a connection broker with native OpenStack VDI support. Thankfully, Leostream can help with that, too.


Today, we are proud to support customers all over the globe running open source technology in their IT environments. Perhaps more importantly though, we are proud to be part of the open source community and to partner with companies like SUSE who share in our vision of an open source world. With support for all SUSE Linux distributions, as well as SUSE OpenStack, we can’t wait to “nerd-out” with the attendees at SUSECON on all things open source and all things SUSE!


Follow this link to schedule a time to stop by booth #416 and chat with Karen, Bob and the rest of the Leostream team!