How The Leostream® Platform Supports Diverse Operating Systems and Protocols

The IT landscape is ever-evolving, forcing organizations to demand versatile and high-performing solutions to stay ahead of the curve. The Leostream® Platform is a premier choice for enterprises seeking to maximize flexibility and performance across hosted desktop environments — on-premises and in the cloud — diverse operating systems and display protocols. This powerful platform is designed to seamlessly integrate and manage a wide range of environments, ensuring businesses can adapt swiftly to changing needs while maintaining optimal performance.

Unmatched Flexibility with Multi-OS Support

One of the key strengths of the Leostream Platform is its robust support for managing connections to and from multiple operating systems. In a world where heterogeneous environments are becoming the norm, the platform’s ability to control access and connections to Windows, Linux, and macOS systems from an equally diverse range of client devices is a game-changer. This flexibility allows organizations to leverage the best tools and applications available on each OS while allowing end users and organizations to leverage their client device of choice without being constrained by compatibility issues.

Whether your enterprise relies on Windows for its enterprise applications, Linux for its development environments, or macOS for creative workstations, the platform can seamlessly manage access and connections across all of these diverse systems. This multi-OS support simplifies the management of remote access environments and empowers IT teams to deliver a consistent user experience across different devices and operating systems.

Comprehensive Display Protocol Support for Enhanced Performance

Beyond operating system versatility, the Leostream Platform supports many display protocols, ensuring organizations can optimize the performance of users’ remote desktop connections based on specific use cases and network conditions. From RDP and VNC to HP Anyware (PCoIP) and NICE DCV and more, the platform’s comprehensive protocol support enables businesses to choose the most efficient and practical remote access and virtualization method.

This protocol-agnostic approach allows organizations to tailor their connectivity solutions to their unique requirements. For instance, high-performance graphics workstations can benefit from PCoIP’s superior image quality and responsiveness, while lightweight administrative tasks can be efficiently handled using RDP or VNC. By providing the flexibility to select the best protocol for each scenario, the Leostream Platform ensures that performance is never compromised. With the additional flexibility to mix and match display protocols, organizations can optimize the usage of more costly display protocols to lower the overall licensing cost of their hosted desktop environment.

Seamless Hosted Desktop Management

Leostream offers unparalleled support for managing hybrid end-user computing environments comprised of virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI), cloud desktops, and physical machines, making it easier for organizations to manage and scale their hosted desktop deployments. The Leostream Platform enables IT administrators to effortlessly provision, monitor, and manage virtual desktops across various on-premises and cloud environments, ensuring that users have reliable access to their workspaces from any location.

By integrating hybrid cloud management with its multi-OS and display protocol support, the Leostream platform delivers a comprehensive solution that addresses the complexities of modern IT infrastructures. This holistic approach ensures that end user computing environments perform optimally and securely, enhancing user satisfaction and productivity.

Streamlined Management and Enhanced Security

The Leostream Platform goes beyond mere flexibility and performance by offering a streamlined management interface that simplifies the complexities of multi-OS, multi-protocol, and hybrid cloud environments. With centralized control and advanced monitoring capabilities, IT administrators can efficiently manage access and connections to hosted resources, allocate and terminate resources in virtual or cloud environments, and troubleshoot issues from a single pane of glass.

Security is another cornerstone of the Leostream Platform. In an era of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, the platform incorporates robust security features to protect sensitive data and ensure secure access. From multi-factor authentication to granular access controls, it provides the tools to safeguard your organization’s digital assets.

Driving Innovation and Productivity

By supporting diverse operating systems, protocols, and hybrid clouds, the Leostream Platform empowers organizations to drive innovation and productivity. Teams can collaborate more effectively, access critical resources remotely, and leverage the best tools available, regardless of the underlying infrastructure. This enhances operational efficiency and fosters a culture of agility and adaptability.

The Leostream Platform’s unparalleled capabilities empower businesses to confidently navigate today’s and tomorrow’s challenges, ensuring they remain competitive and resilient in an ever-changing digital landscape.

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