The title of this post says it all.

“Leostream to the rescue” was the literal subject of an email I received earlier today from a Solutions Provider who leverages Leostream for their Cloud-based VDI solution.

Dewpoint assists their customers with design and implementation of virtual desktop infrastructures, among other things. Last year, one of their VDI customers wanted to “get out of the data center business” and move their VDI deployment to the cloud. Dewpoint designed and developed their “Next Gen VDI” offering, which allowed their customers to save money and improve efficiency by leveraging the cloud as a hosting platform for VDI.

Fast forward to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Little did that customer realize then, how their decision was going to benefit them now.

Last week, the customer approached Dewpoint looking for a solution to allow their support and sales staff to work from home in the event their building closed due to COVID-19.  Dewpoint considered Chromebooks with VPN access, but realized it would take too long to order, obtain, and configure those devices.

So, they turned to Leostream, specifically the Leostream Gateway and HTML5 viewer that was already included in the customer’s Leostream Platform.

At 8am one day last week, the team started working on getting the security in place, setting up DUO MFA for all users, and configuring DNS for an external URL. As with any setup, there were hiccups to work out along the way. Even so, by noon that day – that’s right, four hours later – they were able to log into desktops both as support and sales.  That night they had a handful of employees from Sales and Support successfully test their connections from home.

Now, Dewpoint’s customer is remotely operating 100 percent of their call center, accessing their desktops using the Leostream Gateway and HTML5 viewer.  With Leostream, Dewpoint’s customer is continuing to support their customers from the safety and convenience of their employees’ homes.

If you missed the full case study that we published last year, you can find it here:

If you’re wondering if Leostream can rescue you, too, contact us today. Leostream manages remote access to more than just cloud-based VDI. Whatever your resources, we can help. View our post from last week to learn about some other work-from-home scenarios we can support.