Whether it be security or stability the open-source Linux Operating System (OS) has consistently been at the forefront of business technology. However, the support for Linux Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has always been lacking.

In the late 2000’s the VDI industry was beginning to take off as private and public companies alike saw the cost savings associated with moving their machines into data centers. The problem for Linux users interested in VDI was that there was no solution that connected users to Linux machines in the datacenter. The Leostream™ Platform and our now famous Connection Broker was born out of this need to connect anyone from anywhere to anything.

We launched our support for Linux VDI specifically for managing connections using the NoMachine display protocol and today are proud to have expanded our integration to include upwards of ten commonly used protocols such as Teradici PCoIP, HP ZCentral Remote Boost, and our very own HTML5 Viewer.

Over the years, in addition to expanding our support for a wide range of display protocols, we made leaps and bounds in developing our Leostream Agent for Linux deployments. The Leostream Agent is a critical piece of the Leostream Platform and enables single sign-on for PCoIP remote workstation cards, manages USB device passthrough, and monitors idle time to mention a few features.

Now more than ever we are poised to address top-tier business concerns for Linux VDI users while our major competitors and industry leaders lag behind on the Linux front.

Today, with our support for Windows, Linux, and even macOS, Leostream customers can come to us with any requirement, and time and time again we help create tailored solutions to meet their needs. We pride ourselves in being vendor neutral, thus, not only do we support every major OS but also various cloud providers, hypervisors, and display protocols.

With an unceasing demand for further support and integration we have been careful to not forget our roots and we promise to continue to support Linux for our current and future customers.

If you want to learn more about how the Leostream Platform integrates with Linux, you can check out our latest Demo and start a Free Trial of the Leostream™ Platform Today!