Leostream provides remote access and a connection management platform. In this video Karen Gondoly, CEO of Leostream and a thought leader on remote access solutions discusses why Leostream is an excellent solution for secure environments. Whether you are a federal customer and have extremely isolated networks of machines or you are a post-production company and have an environment locked up in a private network in AWS, Leostream is here to help. 


Why Use Leostream for Secure Environments

First, at Leostream, we package software for you to install in your environment. There are no off-premise components – you govern and maintain everything – leaving no room for concern if someone else is keeping an underlying operating system up to date, for example. The core Leostream Platform components install on a Linux operating system and you can always apply the patches to the system to fit your corporate standards. 

In addition, because you install all of your Leostream components on your premises or in your private cloud, you will not need to open up any firewall rules to outsiders or install additional components inside of your environment that notify back to a Leostream server. 

Another benefit is avoiding vendor lock-in. Many remote access solutions lock you into an architecture that works only with their components. This results in being cemented into that vendor for your entire stack. This is bad news because it eliminates your ability to use best-of-breed solutions in other parts of your architecture. Leostream allows you to choose the hosting platform you want to use, and the display protocol, as well as mix and match various operating systems in your environment. 

Finally, Leostream is fantastic for adding extra security to your environment. For example, you can leverage multi-factor authentication, whether that be by front-ending your Leostream environment with your corporation identity provider or by using a system that supports the RADIUS protocol to do a second factor using a token. Leostream allows you to utilize all of those methods, plus Leostream supports PIV/CAC cards with PCoIP Zero clients. This is essential in government and federal sites that require those cards. 

With Leostreams’ rich access management rules, you always have control over who has access, when they connect and how long they can connect. The Leostream Agent then tracks all steps in the user’s connection and communicates those events to your specific connection broker so you can automate actions, such as logging out idle users. 

To learn more, click the video above and watch as Karen Gondoly guides you through this process. If you want to try it, you can always contact us, we offer free trials, and we can do demos for you to show you more. Just contact us at [email protected].