Leostream is a key piece of the infrastructure that gives traders the agility and flexibility that is important in a modern workplace. With Leostream managing logins and desktop connections, traders can move around the trading floor, to different parts of the building, or even work from home, and always have immediate access to their applications and data. And just as importantly, those applications and the data stay securely located in your financial institution’s data center.

In this video, Cory D’Attoma (Account Representative) and Karen Gondoly (CEO) look at how Leostream can help you manage trader agility in your organization. 

Survey Says

In a CFO survey by PWC, they found that after Covid-19 sixty-nine percent of financial service companies expect to have sixty percent of their workforce working from home once a week at minimum moving forward. Employees are embracing this shift and supporting the idea of working from home. For IT, however, it is critical for there to be a balance between addressing the needs of your organization and having flexibility.

Leostream for Financial Services

Leostream provides flexibility and agility that is invaluable and affordable. By using Leostream, you will have a modernized trading floor, which is a buzzword today. It is important to embrace digital technologies and one way to do so is to bring more flexibility and agility to your solution. 

You will also be able to recover from failures and ensure productivity with resiliency and redundancy. Building a system that is redundant is incredibly important so that if one component goes down, the others pick up the load. 

Another benefit of using Leostream is that you can manage operational expenses and optimize capital expenses. For example, you can remove the hassle of lugging systems around and instead co-locate all of the workstations in the data center, using Leostream for remote access. 

Lastly, you can simplify IT with one platform to manage and track the usage of VMs and workstations. By using Leostream as the portal into everything they need, IT can look into the portal and have audit level tracking, which is essential in the finance industry.

To learn more, click the video above and watch as Karen Gondoly guides you through an example. If you want to try it, you can always contact us, we offer free trials, and we can do demos for you to show you more. Just contact us at [email protected].



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