leostream_connection_broker_angled_computer.pngThey say that good things come in small packages. With the release of our latest software version we couldn’t agree more! The Leostream Connection Broker is now available as an easy-to-download RPM. It can be installed on a 64-bit CentOS 6.7 minimal or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7 basic server operating system, which makes it easier for customers to deploy with physical machines.

But don’t let its small size fool. Our most recent launch is packed with some big updates. As Gabe Knuth recently said, “it’s the connection broker to end all connection brokers.” Here’s what’s in store: 

  • Leostream ontinues to support more protocols than any other broker on the market and we are pleased to announce the addition of, Mechdyne Telegraphix (TGX), NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV), and Colorado Code Craft.
  • We’ve also built out support for Amazon Web Services. Our new Amazon Machine Image (AMI) provides a way to create a center that manages instances from within your AWS account. Contact us for information on how to get started.
  • In addition, we’ve added another highly anticipated feature to the Leostream Connection Broker, one specifically requested by our community. Our freshly minted “Domain Join” feature offers the ability to automatically spin up new instances with unique hostnames that are joined to the Active Directory (AD) domain.

*For detailed information and set-up instructions, take a look at our release notes.*

To take advantage of all the new features, please make sure to update your software. We always recommend keeping your version up-to-date so that you have access to the latest and greatest. Plus, if you’re new to Leostream, you can test drive these features by requesting a 30 day free trial.

Questions or comments? Make sure to drop us a line. Our sales and support staff is dedicated to providing you with the best service to ensure you have a great experience with our software.