Alongside our Connection Broker 8.2 launch earlier this year, we were pleased to announce the addition of the Leostream Gateway into the Leostream suite of virtualization solutions. The Leostream Gateway supports RDP, HTML5 RDP, and HP Remote Graphics Software connections to any desktop managed by the Leostream Connection Broker, without requiring an IP address that is accessible from the client device.

About the Leostream Gateway

The Leostream Gateway is the secret ingredient for leveraging the security of a private network, without sacrificing accessibility.

By integrating the Leostream Gateway into your environment alongside the Leostream Connection Broker, the Gateway acts as a proxy for remote access to protected resources without the need to install any software on client devices.

With our newly added support for HP RGS connections, users can access all their desktops, even those behind a firewall, without sacrificing performance. The HP RGS protocol an industry standard for delivering a graphics-rich desktop experience to your power users.

The Leostream Gateway and HP RGS: A Winning Combo! 

There are several key benefits to installing the Leostream Gateway for RGS connections to protected resources.

  • Anywhere access for remote users: Host desktops in your data center or in a public cloud like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, and provide remote access without exposing the desktop to the public network.
  • Pixel-perfect rendering: For users who require a graphics-intensive experience, HP RGS delivers an “at-desk” experience with transfer speeds up to 60 fps and a high-quality image that looks great even on a 4k display.
  • Invitations to collaborate in RGS sessions: Users can collaborate in shared Windows or Linux sessions to stay productive and connected even when remote.

The Leostream Gateway with HP RGS, RDP, and HTML5 RDP support is the latest and greatest in the suite of Leostream solutions for delivering VDI that works! 

To discuss the Leostream Gateway in more detail, please contact our sales team, who can provide a product overview and trial key to get started with Leostream Connection Broker.