Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktops for the Enterpise.jpgWhen it comes to cloud computing platforms, Microsoft Azure is by no means the new kid on the block. In fact, with all the planned expansion efforts, Microsoft is aiming to take over the world. It’s no secret that this platform has transformed many industries across all corners of the globe and it’s certainly bringing big changes to the VDI space. While many small businesses have found it easy to adopt cloud desktops or Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), larger organizations – especially those with high graphics needs have struggled to make it work. Until now, that is.

We’re pleased to say that the wait is over for enterprise customers who want to utilize Windows desktops on Azure without comprising security or the user experience. With the launch of the Leostream Connection Broker 8.2, we’ve introduced support for Azure and provided a clear path to deploying high performance desktops at scale. All you need is Azure, Leostream, and the right high performance display protocol and you’re well on your way to deploying VDI enterprise-wide.

Here’s the Scoop on Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktops for the Enterprise:

What differentiates Azure from other platforms is its focus on handling compute and graphics-intensive workloads. In choosing Azure you’re sure to benefit from some of the fastest GPUs in the public cloud.

In order to get a large-scale project off the ground, you need a streamlined back-end system for managing hosted resources. Additionally, most system admins would agree that nothing breaks a good VDI project like a bad end user experience. Here’s where Leostream and our partner, Teradici, come into play.

Managing Desktop Connections in Large-Scale Environments

A connection broker is essential for handling enterprise-wide rollouts of cloud hosted virtual desktops. Having been dubbed the connection broker to rule them all, Leostream has been a popular choice for VDI deployments for over a decade. The Leostream Connection Broker is the desktop admins best ally, and provides a single pane of glass for managing all desktop connections. Once installed, Leostream plays the critical role in managing capacity and making connections to Windows desktops hosted on Azure clouds.

A key benefit of using our broker, is the ability to get very granular with the controls. Need to minimize compute costs? You can configure the broker to deallocate desktops when not in use. Do you want to utilize on-site hardware and have users burst into the cloud as needed? The broker can help bridge the gap by giving a central portal to manage the hybrid environment. Do you have task workers? While Leostream can connect them using Microsoft RDP, that display protocol seems to fall short as rich media desktops are becoming common for all workers. Here’s where Teradici gets added to the mix. Teradici provides a powerful protocol that gives pixel perfect rendering to a broad range of end-point devices. 

Pixel Perfect Rendering with Teradici PCoIP®

Based on the industry-leading Teradici PCoIP Technology, their new Cloud Access Software enhances performance through dynamic network optimization that automatically delivers the best possible user experience under changing network conditions.

At a high level, the technology compresses, encrypts, and rapidly transports only pixels to the end-point devices, which decrypt, decompress and display the image on a screen for the user. Data stays secure in the cloud, and end users experience at-desk performance for a vast array of applications, over a wide range of networks.

Once upon a time, PCoIP technology was reserved for users with a hardware-based solution, using the Teradici Remote Workstation Card, or for VDI users of VMware Horizon or DaaS/VDI users of Amazon WorkSpaces or OpenStack. But, no more!

Now you can integrate PCoIP technology with the complete Microsoft Azure stack to deliver VDI-based desktops, session-based desktops and vertical solutions.

Getting Started with High-Performance Cloud Desktops on Azure

The combination is a winning formula that satisfies even the most demanding graphics intense end user requirements, while simplifying the back-end administrative tasks for IT.

Pixel perfect display can even be achieved across wide range of BYOD client devices including laptops, iOS, Android tablets and PCoIP zero clients. Teradici’s built in security features helps to ensure that safe connections to Azure-based desktop are made whether the end users is inside or outside the firewall.

To discuss the solution in more detail, please contact our sales team, who can provide a product overview and trial key to get started with Leostream Connection Broker.