Leostream_and_HPE_Hyperconverged_Systems.pngIn the ever-changing desktop virtualization space, hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) may be the best thing since sliced bread.

HCI is an evolution of converged systems, but instead of buying a chassis with a variety of hardware for different infrastructure functions, the compute, storage networking, and virtualization resources are squished into a single box with a software-centric architecture.

Hyperconverged infrastructures are the essence of a software-defined data centers, and that is an important wave of the future. The inherit advantages of HCI are particularly interesting for VDI workloads, where storage configuration and costs historically complicated VDI deployments. At a high level, hyperconverged environments eliminate complex solution stacks, providing a simpler, more agile, and highly available VDI. 

To shed light on this topic, we teamed up with HPE. By launching our new configuration guide on deploying VDI with hyperconverged systems, we provide answers to those looking to program, manage, or administer virtual infrastructures, including VDI, that require high availability and high performance.

The paper, which is available for download at this link, presents a solution using the Leostream Connection Broker to deploy virtual machines and manage VDI on HPE Hyper Converged systems. The solution was tested with HPE Hyper Converged 250 for VMware vSphere, but is applicable to any HPE Hyper Converged system that includes VMware vCenter Server software. Leostream provides full lifecycle management for VDI or other virtual workloads on HPE Hyper Converged systems, allowing IT to provision new virtual machines (VMs), assign VMs to users, track resource usage, and terminate virtual machines that are no longer needed.

The solution demonstrates an integrated end-user computing solution that can:

  • Simplify and expedite an enterprise-wide deployment of a virtual infrastructure, including VDI
  • Lower the cost of ownership for VDI by removing the need for expensive, full-stack virtualization solutions
  • Ease IT management tasks by providing a single management interface for virtual servers, virtual desktops, remote desktop sessions (RDS), and physical desktops hosted on a variety of HPE hardware
  • Scale easily and less expensively by adding additional HPE Hyper Converged systems and using Leostream to automate the provisioning of virtual machines 
  • Satisfy complex business processes and maximize resources utilization by leveraging Leostream pools, plans, and policies 

For all the details, including solution components and configuration highlights, please download a copy of the paper.