In a recent article, Micro Focus highlights how LoadRunner and the Leostream Connection Broker can work together to validate Teradici PCoIP in your VDI or hosted environment.

Micro Focus LoadRunner is the market-leading performance testing solution. By implementing it in a VDI or hosted desktop deployment, you can test PCoIP under heavy load to ensure a high-performance experience for your end user, particularly those accessing graphics-intense applications.

Testing is easy – simply create a PCoIP script by launching the LoadRunner PCoIP Client (included in the LoadRunner product) and entering the hostname or IP address of your PCoIP Connection Manager. When you log into the PCoIP client, the PCoIP Connection Manager communicates with the Leostream Connection Broker, which authenticates the user, assigns them to a policy, and offers them a list of desktops.  To finish the script, connect to one of your hosted desktops and perform tasks that simulate a common user workflow. After you’ve covered all the tasks you want to test, disconnect your PCoIP client and your script is ready to go!

Create a test environment with a scenario applicable to your end users’ typical workflow to ensure PCoIP is the right protocol for you. If PCoIP is not right for your environment – fear not! The Leostream Connection Broker can manage capacity and connection management in environments with nearly any display protocol.