Leostream helps Oil & Gas companies ensure that their geoscientists have access to the large data sets and exploration & production applications they need to be successful. The same is true for the rest of the Energy industry, which goes beyond oil and gas and applies to any business that caters to industries keeping the world running, including wind, solar and nuclear, to name a few. 

Leostream provides a remote access and connection management platform. In this video Karen Gondoly, CEO of Leostream talks about some of the benefits of using the Leostream product for VDI or remote access and then goes in-depth with a demo of the Leostream platform itself. 


To balance the needs of demanding end-users with the complicated tasks of administering enterprise IT, Leostream helps by automating tasks for IT and securing access to data and to resources for end-users. Some advantages to remote access for Energy solutions include controlling costs and ensuring security.

Moving to the cloud allows you to avoid buying hardware and to share resources across users, which saves money. Then, by using Leostream to manage your cloud-hosted resources, you have additional easy and automated ways to save money. Leostream automates various mundane tasks, such as powering off resources when a user is done and power them back on when a user requests access, ensuring uptime and optimizing performance. Automating mundane jobs frees up time for your IT staff, which allows them to complete more important tasks.

Moving to the cloud has another cost-saving benefit, which is that it shrinks your data center.  By shrinking your data center, you lower your power consumption and decrease your energy bills at your company. 

Last but not least, by putting Leostream as the front end of your cloud environment you can ensure security. Leostream supports a variety of multi-factor authentication methods, implements flexible access control rules, and, with our audit-level tracking, you always know who is using what, from where, and for how long. 

To learn more, click the video above and watch as Karen Gondoly guides you through this process. If you want to try it, you can always contact us, we offer free trials, and we can do demos for you to show you more. Additionally, with our professional services team here to help you optimize your Leostream environment, you can relax knowing there is always someone here to support you. Just contact us at [email protected].