The Leostream Platform Approach to Application Delivery and Profile Management

User experience is a critical component of remote desktop solutions. A seamless and efficient user experience boosts productivity and ensures satisfaction and engagement. The Leostream® Remote Desktop Access Platform enhances this experience through innovative application delivery and profile management strategies. By partnering with leading providers, the Leostream Platform offers a robust and flexible solution that meets the diverse needs of businesses across various cloud and hosting platforms.

Any remote desktop solution must efficiently deliver applications to end-users. The Leostream Platform leverages partnerships with industry leaders to provide a versatile and powerful approach to application delivery.

Liquidware is a recognized leader in adaptive workspace management. By integrating with Liquidware, the Leostream Platform enables businesses to deliver applications seamlessly to specific user groups. This integration ensures users can access the needed applications tailored to their roles and requirements. Whether for a small team or a large organization, the Leostream Platform’s use of Liquidware technology allows for a personalized and streamlined application delivery process.

In addition to partnering with Liquidware, the Leostream Platform also utilizes Remote Desktop Services (RDS) licensing to publish RemoteApps. This capability emulates applications via the Leostream Platform’s HTML5 viewer. The use of RDS licensing provides flexibility in delivering applications without the need for full desktop sessions, saving resources and improving performance. By offering these applications through an HTML5 viewer, the Leostream Platform ensures that users can access their necessary applications from virtually any device with a web browser, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

Yet another crucial aspect of feature and functionality is practical profile management, which provides a consistent and personalized user experience. The Leostream Platform excels by partnering with best-of-breed providers to offer comprehensive profile management solutions.

FSLogix is a leading provider of solutions for managing user profiles in virtual desktop environments. The partnership with FSLogixensures that user profiles are containerized and follow the user, regardless of the machine they connect to. This approach eliminates the issues of profile bloat and long login times, providing a faster and more reliable user experience. Users can move seamlessly between virtual desktops and devices without losing their personalized settings and data, which is essential for maintaining productivity and satisfaction.

In addition to FSLogix, the Leostream Platform collaborates with Liquidware to manage user profiles. Liquidware’s profile management solutions offer advanced features such as profile portability and cross-platform support. This collaboration enhances the Leostream Platform’s ability to deliver a consistent user experience across various environments. By supporting profile management across multiple platforms, the Leostream Platform ensures that users have a consistent and personalized experience, whether working from an on-premises virtual desktop, a cloud-hosted environment, or a hybrid setup.

The combined capabilities of application delivery and profile management within the Leostream Platform significantly enhance the end-user experience. Users benefit from quick and easy access to their necessary applications, regardless of location or device. The personalized and consistent profile management ensures that their settings and data are always available, providing a seamless and efficient workflow.

The Leostream Platform’s support for various cloud and hosting platforms, including AWS EC2, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, further enhances the user experience. This flexibility allows businesses to choose the most appropriate and cost-effective infrastructure for their needs while ensuring users have a consistent experience. By integrating with leading providers and supporting a wide range of platforms, the Leostream Platform offers a robust and adaptable solution that meets the evolving needs of modern businesses.

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