Summertime! I hope you’re reading this blog from the beach; perhaps I even saw you while I was there. Just don’t let all the sun and fun distract you from the exciting things that are happening in the VDI space!

A recent industry announcement is making waves in OpenStack VDI conversations. The new Teradici Pervasive Computing Platform enables solution providers to build and deliver OpenStack VDI and virtual workspaces for a host of new users and use cases. Now solution providers have the option to rapidly develop and offer a high-performance, secure and uncompromised user experience in a VDI environment, delivered with an as-a-service model that lowers TCO. Let’s take a look at how.

Beach reading, at its best!

The Teradici Pervasive Computing Platform

Teradici is historically and widely known for its high performance PCoIP display protocol. Introduced in 2007, PCoIP technology compresses, encrypts, and rapidly transports only pixels to the end-point devices, which decrypt, decompress and display the image on a screen for the user. Data stays secure in the datacenter, and end users experience at-desk performance for a vast array of applications, over a wide range of networks.

Initially, PCoIP technology was reserved for users with a hardware-based solution, using the Teradici Remote Workstation Card, or for VDI users of VMware Horizon or DaaS users of Amazon WorkSpaces. But, no more!

The Teradici Pervasive Computing Platform is an open and extensible platform for solution providers to build and deliver secure and uncompromised virtual workspaces and virtual solutions using PCoIP technology. And, it was built with the cloud in mind.

Taking OpenStack VDI to all user types

Which brings us to OpenStack VDI. As you know, OpenStack is an open source cloud operating system that allows IT to manage compute, storage, and networking in their datacenter. I’ve talked before about how an OpenStack cloud is an ideal platform for VDI, but it requires two important components: a connection broker and a front-end workspaces solution that consists of a high-performance remoting protocol and supports a broad range of endpoints devices. – Tip: Download our Blueprint on building OpenStack VDI and DaaS

Imagine if you could find a combination of connection broker and virtual workspaces solution that allow you to satisfy every use case and user type. Even better, imagine if those solutions were optimized to manage and connect to cloud-based resources. Enter Leostream and Teradici.

Both the Leostream Connection Broker and the Teradici Pervasive Computing Platform install seamlessly into an OpenStack environment. The Connection Broker then provides the tools you need to provision and delete desktops in OpenStack, allocate those desktops to users, and control how and when a user can connect to their virtual desktop. A user who logs into their OpenStack VDI using Leostream can connect to a desktop using a number of display protocols, allowing you to satisfy every user’s performance need.

Do you have task workers? While Leostream can connect them using Microsoft RDP, that display protocol seems to fall short as rich media desktops are becoming common for all workers Here’s where Teradici comes in. Teradici provides the powerful PCoIP protocol that gives pixel perfect rendering to a broad range of end-point devices.

But, the Teradici environment doesn’t end with the display protocol. By using the Pervasive Computing Platform, your users can connect to their OpenStack desktop from a wide range of BYOD client devices, including Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac laptops, iOS and Android tablets, Chromebook and a host of secure and easy to manage PCoIP zero clients. All of which can be used in conjunction with Leostream.

In addition, the platform includes a security gateway, so users can securely connect to their desktop whether they are inside or outside the firewall. Go ahead and hit the beach; your cloud desktop will be there waiting for you!

If I sound excited, it’s because I am! I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, “OpenStack VDI – it’s gonna be huge!” Now, with Leostream and the Teradici Pervasive Computing Platform, it can be huge for an even greater number of users and use cases. In the end, everyone can be productive on the beach!