The Leostream® Platform Advantage Over VMware Horizon

It’s no shock that businesses seek platforms offering cost efficiency and scalability. After all, it’s the cornerstone of intelligent business practices. That’s why the Leostream® Remote Desktop Access Platform has emerged as a superior choice to VMware Horizon, providing significant advantages in terms of cost savings and the ability to scale operations effectively.

A primary concern for businesses when choosing a remote desktop solution is the cost associated with licensing and ongoing management. While VMware Horizon offers a robust solution, it often comes with high licensing costs and complexities that can strain an organization’s budget. In contrast, the Leostream® Platform offers a more cost-effective approach.

The Leostream® Platform licensing model is straightforward and all-inclusive, avoiding the intricate and often costly licensing schemes associated with VMware Horizon. Businesses using the platform benefit from predictable and manageable costs, including all necessary features without additional purchases. This simplicity reduces administrative overhead and ensures that IT budgets are utilized more effectively.

Additionally, the flexibility of the Leostream® Platform in integrating with various third-party hypervisors and native cloud platforms means businesses are not locked into a single vendor’s ecosystem. This independence allows organizations to select the most cost-effective and suitable solutions for their needs rather than continue with potentially more expensive proprietary systems. Switching or integrating different technologies without incurring high switching costs is a significant advantage.

Scalability is another crucial factor for businesses, particularly those experiencing growth or fluctuating demands. The Leostream® Platform provides unparalleled scalability, enabling organizations to seamlessly expand or adjust their remote desktop infrastructure.

With its extensive integration capabilities with third-party hypervisors and native cloud platforms such as AWS EC2, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, the Leostream® Platform allows businesses to scale their operations fluidly. This flexibility means organizations can easily add new virtual machines or cloud resources as needed without worrying about compatibility issues or vendor limitations.

Moreover, with this wide support for hosting platforms, businesses can dynamically allocate resources based on demand—ensuring they are not over-provisioning or under-utilizing their infrastructure. This efficient use of resources supports scalability and contributes to cost savings.

Overall, the Leostream® Remote Desktop Access Platform ensures businesses can manage their remote desktop environments effectively and economically by providing a simplified licensing model, avoiding vendor lock-in, and enabling seamless integration with various hypervisors and cloud platforms.

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