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If you’re an avid reader of our blog, you may have noticed our recent focus on OpenStack and its potential for hosted desktop environments.  Missed our recent posts? Fear not! You’ve come to the right place as this blog summarizes what was covered in order to catch you up to speed on anything and everything that you missed.

Earlier this month VDI experts and OpenStack enthusiasts from all over the world tuned into our webinar to learn “How to make OpenStack VDI and DaaS a Reality”. For those who weren’t able to make the live broadcast, please feel free to view the recording on-demand.

On the heels of the webinar, we launched a new eBook that offers an even closer look and serves as a blueprint for building out OpenStack VDI and DaaS — the first of its kind to deep dive into this particular topic.

What were the most popular posts? Have a look below for our top blogs about virtual desktops powered by OpenStack. 

OpenStack VDI and Desktops-as-a-Service – Its time has come!

In recent blogs, I’ve discussed alternatives to VDI that focused on running desktops on dedicated hardware in the data center. But, not all users’ requirements justify the expense of powerful workstations. For task workers and knowledge workers, VDI can be a viable solution. The trick is, how do you combatthe high cost and complexity of VDI?

Thankfully, IT now has access to technology that can help mitigate the cost and complexity of VDI. The solution comes bundled in an open source wrapper called OpenStack.


Can OpenStack Break the VMware and Citrix VDI Duopoly?

Of all the well-known names in virtual desktops, two consistently take the cake: VMware and Citrix. Other big players like Microsoft, Oracle, and Red Hat have been scratching at their heels for years, but all have yet to make a significant dent in the VDI duopoly that is defined by VMware and Citrix. Perhaps, however, the tide is beginning to change. There’s a new game in town, sneaking up through the ranks of open source software, and it has the potential to turn VDI on its head.


Has KVM Won the OpenStack Hypervisor War? (If you can call it a war!)

Mastering the potential of the public or a private cloud is probably a hot topic around your IT department’s water cooler. And, where there are conversations about cloud, there are often conversations about OpenStack.

OpenStack provides open source software for creating and managing public and private cloud, with various OpenStack projects managing the compute, storage, network, and a handful of other cloudy aspects. But, there’s a vital piece of the stack that is not part of OpenStack. The compute needs to run somewhere and that somewhere is often (but not always….more on that later) a hypervisor.



OpenStack for MSPs – Bringing Software-Defined Data Centers to Desktops-as-a-Service

Let’s say you’re an MSP and you want to add desktops to the list of hosted services you already provide. How do you design your data center so you can easily offer and manage all of these services side-by-side? Simple, use OpenStack in your software defined data centers! What advantages do managed service providers (MSPs) reap with this setup. Well, as it turns out, quite a few!



Leveraging OpenStack Clouds for Hosting Desktops [Infographic]

When it comes to leveraging OpenStack Clouds to host desktops, there’s a lot to think about and several moving parts.  In the infographic  we recap a few highlights and considerations regarding OpenStack VDI/DaaS. Have a look!