Revolutionizing Remote Desktop Access for IT Professionals

Revolutionizing Remote Desktop Access for IT Professionals

Welcome to the Future of Remote Desktop Access

IT professionals often find themselves grappling with inflexible solutions, managing multiple systems, and addressing security challenges as they strive for effortless remote desktop access. To put an end to this struggle, they turn to Leostream—the game-changing Remote Desktop Access Platform tailored to meet the demands of modern IT teams.

Why Choose Leostream?

At Leostream, we understand the unique challenges IT professionals face when managing remote desktop access. The status quo of limited configuration options, manual resource management, and disjointed systems can be a nightmare. That’s where Leostream shines.

Connecting People. Connecting Business.

Leostream is your partner in making remote work effortless and efficient. Our renowned Remote Desktop Access Platform empowers IT professionals to connect their organization’s workforce seamlessly. With Leostream, you get:

Remote Access for All

Freedom for users to connect from anywhere using various devices and protocols.

Freedom of Choice Environment

Build your environment without being locked into a single technology solution.

Simple Configuration

Configure your business rules once, and Leostream automates the rest.

Secure Remote Access

Granular access controls and audit-level logging ensure security.

Intuitive End-User Interface

A modern web-based UI for easy access.


Manage your entire environment from one administrator portal.

Choice of OS Environments

Users can choose Windows, macOS, or Linux.


Leostream scales to support your organization, no matter its size.

Features That Matter

Explore Leostream’s key features designed to empower IT professionals and streamline remote desktop access:

Manage Multi-User Sessions

Connect multiple users to unique sessions within Leostream.

Remote Access Without VPN

Securely connect users without the overhead of a VPN.

Browser-Based Alternatives

Fully support Chromebooks and tablets via web browsers.

Zero-Client & Thin Client Support

Leverage existing hardware for cost savings.

BYOD Support

Maintain secure access policies for users who bring their devices

Any Display Protocol

Let users connect as they prefer, managed by one system.

Secure Authentication

Manage access using standard corporate identity providers.

Desktop Failover

Automatically create backup pools for capacity and continuity.

Lifecycle Management

Monitor and manage end-user connections efficiently.

Power Control

Manage desktop power states to save on computing costs.


Create comprehensive reports on desktop usage.

Real-time Alerts

Configure alerts for various scenarios.


Get a macro view of your desktop environment’s health.


Programmatically configure and manage Leostream.


Deploy Leostream securely in dark sites.

Download the University of Rennes 2 Case Study

Unlock the potential of seamless remote work with Leostream. Click to download our case study now and witness the transformation in productivity and security that our platform delivers.

The Leostream Difference

Leostream is the world’s premier Remote Desktop Access Platform, offering insight, simplicity, and unparalleled support. Our team is passionate about solving problems and committed to your success. We adapt to evolving technology, so you stay ahead of the curve. We believe everyone deserves a seamless work-from-anywhere environment, regardless of industry, size, or location. Connecting People. Connecting Business.

Say Goodbye to Manual Tasks, Security Headaches, and Disparate Systems

Leostream eliminates manual resource management, provides critical insight into user access, and streamlines your IT processes. Say goodbye to a lack of automation, no more juggling multiple solutions, and streamline with a single comprehensive platform. Better yet, leverage secure and controlled access, eliminating VPN security concerns. You will also be able to seamlessly manage complex hybrid environments effortlessly. Stay ahead of evolving technology with Leostream’s stability and adaptability. And finally, free up valuable IT resources by shedding the burden of homegrown systems.

Join the Leostream Revolution

Ready to revolutionize your remote desktop access experience? Choose Leostream and make IT seamless, secure, and efficient. Say goodbye to the struggle, and connect people and business effortlessly.