Leostream partner Amulet Hotkey unveils their newest line of CoreStation solutions, with support for brokering through Leostream. These high-performance workstations are ideal for remote access for power users or graphics-intense applications. Brokering these workstations with Leostream is the ideal solution for building a data center environment optimized for power user use cases.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Leostream is not a VDI company. We’re a “remote access to anything you want to host in your data center or cloud” kind of company. That means we partner with companies that focus on a wide range of technologies outside of the VDI stack.

Today, we’re excited to announce the latest advancements by one of these partners, Amulet Hotkey. Amulet Hotkey recently announced three new powerful data center-optimized workstations, and we can’t wait to see these get into the hands of our customers. Here’s why!

Remote Access for High-Performance or Graphics-Intense Applications

Power users who needed access to complex applications are generally underserved by companies providing remote access. These additions to Amulet Hotkey’s CoreStation solutions are designed specifically for this user base. In the words of Amulet Hotkey:

“Amulet Hotkey’s CoreStation solutions help speed the design, visualization, and simulation of anything from animation and movies to cars, airplanes and financial trading models. They allow valuable IP to be moved into the data center to boost productivity, security, and availability. Professionals can connect to graphics-intensive applications anytime, and from anywhere using Amulet Hotkey zero clients or mobile devices.”

These new solutions support a range of high-performance display protocols, including Teradici PCoIP, with built-in hardware acceleration, and Mechdyne TGX, with built-in GPU. End-users receive at-desk performance for even the most complex applications.

Make the most of your hardware investment

Of course, after you invest in Amulet Hotkey hardware, you’ll want a connection broker that optimizes its use. With Leostream, you create pools of hosted workstations and assign these pools to groups of users, to maximize workstation utilization.

Integrating Leostream with Amulet Hotkey hardware is a breeze. Install the Leostream Agent to register the machine with your Leostream environment, and you’re off and running. You can follow our handy quick start guide for PCoIP environments if you want to use the PCoIP display protocol.

When using Mechdyne TGX, Leostream provides advanced functionality, such as allowing users to invite colleagues to collaborate on their remote TGX session. Not to mention, the Leostream Gateway provides remote access so users can work from anywhere. With Leostream, Mechdyne, and Amulet Hotkey, designers and engineers across the globe can effectively work together to bring projects to a close faster.

Read the press release to learn more.