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Secure access to mission critical applications with audit-level tracking of resource usage


Authentication is Key

Highly secure environments require advanced authentication for access. With Leostream, you can leverage your corporate-standard authentication servers to lock down access to only the appropriate users. Environments that require multifactor authentication can leverage Leostream native support for Duo, or integrate with any identify provider that supports the SAML or RADIUS protocols. Do your users have Common Access Cards (CAC)? When using PCoIP Zero clients, users can authenticate into your Leostream environments using their smart cards.


No internet? No problem!

Leostream environments can function entirely off the internet, making them ideal for isolated networks and dark sites. The Leostream Connection Broker can even function as a local authentication server, in environments with no access to external corporate authentication servers.  


Monitor usage and track access

The comprehensive Leostream access control rules, known as policies, allow you to tightly control who has access to what resources and for how long. The Leostream Agent then does its job to monitor access to resources and report that information to the Leostream Connection Broker. 

The result is audit-level tracking of user connections, disconnects, logins, and logouts, so you always know how and who is leveraging your systems. You can even implement rules to automatically log users out if they leave a connection idle. With Leostream, you control every aspect of users access to your environment.

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