VMware alternative, resulting in cost savings, optimized hardware use, and enhanced operational efficiency

IT service provider Cloud Compliance Solutions, Inc. (CCSI) has upgraded its infrastructure with technology from Leostream Corporation, creator of the Leostream Remote Desktop Access Platform, and VergeIO, a VMware alternative, resulting in significant cost savings, optimized hardware use, and enhanced operational efficiency, the companies announced.

Founded in 2017, CCSI provides its clients with a complete suite of cloud-related IT and compliance services. As a single provider offering both critical services, the company delivers more accurate and cost-effective IT and compliance solutions that significantly reduce its clients’ operational and audit costs.

CCSI opted to replace VMware due to significant challenges, including affordability, scaling and performance for its multi-tenant platform that provides its clients Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)/Next-Gen DaaS (NGDaaS), IaaS and DRaaS. The firm’s growth had surpassed VMware’s capabilities, and it needed an option that could support denser environments with more powerful servers. Strategically, the company had concerns about VMware’s new licensing costs and models that required substantial upfront commitments and the uncertain future of VMware Horizon.

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