Using the Teradici Connection Manager with Leostream

If you’ve read through our Teradici Cloud Access Platform quick start guide, you may have discovered that you need the PCoIP Connection Manager to get your PCoIP connections working with the Leostream Connection Broker. We’re here to highlight the steps of the Connection Manager configuration process


1. Install the PCoIP Connection Manager

Teradici can provide the installation package, necessary licenses, and updates for the PCoIP Connection Manager. Be sure to install the Connection Manager on a separate Linux system.


2. Edit the Configuration File

 Edit the /etc/ConnectionManager.conf file in the Teradici Connection Manager, as follows:

  • Set the SecurityGatewayEnabled parameter to true or false, as needed (see “Configure the Security Gateway” below for more)
  • Set the PcoipAddress parameter to your Leostream ConnectionBroker address.


3. Configure the Security Gateway (If Needed!)

The PCoIP Security Gateway is not required for LAN access, so this part of the configuration is optional. For WAN users, you can set up the PCoIP Security Gateway to allow users to access their remote desktops without a VPN connection.

To do so, first edit the /etc/SecurityGateway.conf file to set the public IP address of your Security Gateway.

Then, restart all the Teradici services.


**Note: the Security Gateway must be started before the Connection Manager. Use these commands in this order:

service security_gateway stop

service connection_manager stop

service security_gateway start

service connection_manager start


4. Check Your Client Settings

 When using a PCoIP zero client with Leostream and the Teradici Cloud Access Platform, make sure that you set the Connection Type on the client to PCoIP Connection Manager. In the Server URI field on the client, enter the https address of the PCoIP Connection Manager – not the Connection Broker address. The same goes for PCoIP soft or mobile clients — enter the address of the PCoIP Connection Manager into the client, not the Broker address.

With these pieces configured correctly, the client points to the Teradici Connection Manager, and the Connection Manager communicates with the Leostream Connection Broker, which offers resources to users based on their Connection Broker policy settings.

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