Secure Remote Access Software

Access Control, MFA, and Zero Trust

Security is top-of-mind for all organizations. With Leostream, you can feel confident that your hosted resources are safe from hackers while ensuring trusted users have the access they need.


Secure external access to network

Leverage the Leostream Gateway to enable desktop connections for remote users. The Leostream Gateway removes the need for expensive and complicated
VPNs, and supports both commodity and high-performance display protocols.


Audit-level tracking

Always know who's using what from where. Leostream logs it all, allowing you to track where users log in from, what resources they've logged into, and how long they've been connected.


Multi-factor authentication

Require two factor authentication using any Identify Provider that supports the RADIUS protocol. MFA can be applied to groups of users based on location, to simplify login for on-premises users while requiring MFA when they are remote.


Zero-trust support

Avoid sending passwords to Leostream by leveraging your company's standard SAML-based Identity provider for Leostream logins, whether you use Okta, Duo, or Azure MFA, to name a few. In addition, users with PCoIP Zero clients can login to Leostream with their PIV smart card. 

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