Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Leostream and HCI -
Simple, Powerful VDI with Nutanix,
Scale Computing, and Verge.io

Together, Leostream and Hyperconverged Infrastructures offer an enterprise-grade VDI solution that is simple to set up and easy to manage.


Intuitive VDI

Replace complicated VDI software stacks and expensive hardware with a single, neatly contained platform with rapid, easy deployment.


Replace the Datacenter

Hyperconverged infrastructures replace and simplify traditional datacenter infrastructures.


Simple Provisioning

Provision pools of Windows and Linux desktops from a single master image including persistent or non-persistent desktops, shared or personal desktops, and everything in between.


User access for all

Support nearly any display protocol, including in-browser HTML5 RDP, VNC, and SSH access, from almost any client device - including thin clients, Chromebooks, and tablets.

Need Profile Management?

Learn how a joint Leostream and Liquidware solution can help you make the most of your VDI environment with advanced application layering and user environment management.

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