OpenStack VDI

We love OpenStack, too.

Ready to (finally) get out from under those pesky “Big VDI” licensing fees? Build the open source VDI solution of your dreams with OpenStack VDI, powered by Leostream. 


DIY VDI for better ROI

Leveraging open source VDI avoids the costly licensing fees associated with other commercial virtualization stacks and lowers the cost of implementing VDI. 


High Performance Display Protocol Support

Support graphics-intense applications with support for nearly any high-performance display protocol.


Secure Remote Access

Remote access to OpenStack resources locked in a virtual private network through our advanced security gateway.


Built for OpenStack

Don't wedge a full-stack VDI solution into an OpenStack environment. Leostream is designed with OpenStack in mind. 

Ready to get Started?

Ready to get started with OpenStack VDI? Take Leostream out for a spin 

Knowledge HubHelpful Resources

OpenStack VDI Reference Architecture with Leostream

This document describes a recommended architecture for building a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or delivering...

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Quick Start Guide for OpenStack

Quick Start for Leostream and OpenStack

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Managing Hosted Desktops in a Hybrid Cloud with Leostream

In this whitepaper, discover how the Leostream Connection Broker works with the Leostream Gateway to...

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