Leostream + TGX

High Performance Remote Access with Mechdyne TGX and Leostream

The Leostream Platform powered by TGX enables organizations to build a high-performance hosted workstation solution using the platform of their choice, while being able to model and control complex user-access workflows.


Highest Performance Display

Mechdyne TGX supports 4k resolutions and higher, consuming 30-50% less bandwidth than competing solutions.



Leostream can connect multiple users to the same TGX session for real-time collaboration. Low latency gives users real-time keyboard & mouse response with minimal lag.


Secure Remote Access

Leostream supports multiple corporate authentication servers, such as Microsoft Active Directory and OpenLDAP.  Easily implement MFA with SAML, RADIUS, or Duo.


Built for the Enterprise

The Leostream Platform powered by TGX is ideal for any enterprise remote desktop or hosted workstation environment which requires pixel-perfect graphics-rendering and complex workflow management capabilities.


Simplify end user access

Users log in using nearly any device to connect to their allowed workstation(s). Administrators define rules that control user access to the workstations in their environment, based on who the user is and where they log in from. 


Audit-level tracking

Leostream tracks and logs all user activity so IT always knows who is accessing which resources and for how long. Access logs across disparate platforms are coalesced into a single management interface.

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