Linux VDI

Remote Access for Linux
Operating Systems

Windows operating systems get all the hype in VDI, but sometimes users want or require Linux. Whether it’s a physical workstation or VM, a client or remote host, Leostream has your Linux requirements covered.


All Linux, all the time

From clients to remote hosts to authentication systems, Leostream supports Linux every step of the way. The Leostream platform even installs on Linux, so no Microsoft Windows operating system licenses are ever required.


You pick the distribution

Leverage your standard corporate Linux distribution, no matter what that may be. Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, SUSE Enterprise Linux, and all open source distributions in between. 


Flexible Authentication with MFA

Got NIS? Leostream can handle that and corporate authentication servers, such as Microsoft Active Directory and OpenLDAP.  For extra security, implement MFA using SAML, RADIUS, or DUO. Leostream enables domain users to switch to local credentials on the Linux host, as required.


Connect with high performance

Connect users to their Linux resources using one of the many supported display protocols, including VNC, NoMachine, NICE DCV, HP ZCentral Remote Boost, Scyld Cloud Workstation, and Teradici PCoIP. 


One Portal to access everything

Not just for Linux, Leostream manages Windows and macOS, as well. Users have access to everything they need from a single portal.



Leverage the HTML5 viewer built into the Leostream Gateway for in-browser SSH, VNC, and RDP connections, or use the HTML5 viewers built into third party display protocols such as NoMachine and NICE DCV.

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